This is the ASI public outreach committee’s page on science with ASTROSAT,
the multi-wavelength space observatory launched by ISRO on 28 Sep 2015.

AstroSat Outreach Resources

  • Mission poster (download, print and use in your own programme)

PNG :: 100 dpi :: 05 MB

PNG :: 300 dpi :: 20 MB

TIFF (CMYK) :: 150 dpi :: 35 MB

Credit :: Designed by Adrita Bose*

  • Get answers to your common Queries about ASTROSAT

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  • “Meet the ASTROSAT Astronomers” press event

The press statement released by the ASI during the “Meet the ASTROSAT Astronomers” events organised in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune on 29th september 2015


* Adrita is a 23 year old illustrator based out of Pune, working part time at a design studio and freelancing for the other part.

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