SkyNews is a monthly compendium of astronomy events observable from India; it is primarily meant for astronomy enthusiasts and amateur astronomers. Most of the events listed here can be observed by the naked eye. Some interesting events are observable through a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

SkyNews will regularly carry the following sections:

  1. Visibility of Planets: The planets visible in the night sky during the month will be identified. Their positions will be given with respect to the constellation in which they appear. The date of transit from one constellation to other is based on the boundaries of the constellations as defined by the International Astronomical Union.
  2. March of the Moon: An easy way to identify a star or a planet with the Moon as a reference.
  3. List of Events: Positions and phases of the Moon, conjunctions, occultations, etc.
  4. Notes on Events: Any extra information about a celestial event.

SkyNews will also carry notes on interesting events like equinoxes; practical tips for night sky observation; basic calculations that can be done by amateur astronomers; and simple experiments that can be done from a school ground or a building terrace.

See below for an archive of all volumes

Created by Arvind Paranjpye & Anjanee Rao

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