The Local Organisers are also hosting five workshops (each of one-day duration) on February 16 (Monday), just ahead of the 33rd Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India (ASI-2015) at NCRA, Pune. Please find further details on each workshop from the following links. Note that these workshops are aimed for ASI 2015 participants only. So ASI 2015 registration is required for the attendance of the workshop. Registration for workshops is over now (15th January 2015).

1 Workshop on Transients on 16th February 2015
2 Indian participation in the SKA on 16th February 2015
3 Satellite workshop on ‘Star and Planet formation’ on 16th February 2015
4 Workshop on The Magnetic Universe on 16th February 2015
5 Multiwavelength Astronomical Data, Analysis, Visualization and the Virtual Observatory on 16th February 2015