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Name: Vishal Joshi
Affiliation: PRL, Ahmedabad
Conference ID: ASI2017_1045
Title : Near-infrared studies of Novae: Highlights of recent results
Authors and Co-Authors : -
Abstract Type : Invited
Abstract Category : Stars,ISM and the Galaxy
Abstract : A nova is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion occur on the surface of a white dwarf in a close binary system which causes a sudden brightening of the star. Novae are considered as nearby laboratories for the study of accretion phenomena and thermo-nuclear runaway process. Many aspects of these common stellar explosions are observationally not well constrained and remain poorly understood. Gamma-ray emission from Novae, non-spherical shape of the ejecta, formation of dust in the ejecta and physical origin of spectral classification of novae are some examples far from complete understanding. With highlights of new observational studies primarily in near-infrared, some of the above mentioned issues will be discussed in this talk. I will also discuss the puzzling case of symbiotic nova NSco2014 which does not show any evidence of emergence of shock wave despite having giant as a secondary star.