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Name: Luca Cortese
Affiliation: International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
Conference ID: ASI2017_1090
Title : Galaxy transformation in the local Universe
Authors and Co-Authors : -
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Abstract Category : Vainu Bappu Presentation
Abstract : One of the most outstanding challenges in extragalactic astronomy is to identify the astrophysical processes responsible for transforming simple dark matter haloes into the heterogenous population of galaxies inhabiting today's Universe. How did different morphological types form and evolve? Does the environment where a galaxy lives influence its evolution?

Inevitably, the answers to these questions entail a detailed investigation of all the components of the interstellar medium (gas, dust, metals) and their relation to stellar properties, kinematics and environment. This clearly requires multi-wavelength information for statistically significant samples of galaxies across the cosmic web, which are becoming available only now.

In this talk, I will review our current understanding of the physical processes driving galaxy transformation and illustrate the power of cold gas and dust measurements to reveal the effects of environment on the star formation cycle of galaxies. I will also highlight how upcoming integral field spectroscopic surveys will be critical for unveiling the origin of the Hubble sequence, and for making further progress in this field.