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Name: Bhavesh Jaiswal
Affiliation: ISRO Satellite Centre
Conference ID: ASI2017_916
Title : Spectro-polarimetry of the limb of the Martian atmosphere: simulations based on a radiative transfer model
Authors and Co-Authors : V. Sheel (PRL, Ahmedabad), A. Nandi (ISAC, Bangalore), M. Sudhakar (ISAC, Bangalore), K. Sankarasubramanian (ISAC, Bangalore), P. Agrawal (ISAC, Bangalore)
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : Vertical distribution of water vapour and aerosols (H2O ice, CO2 ice and dust) is crucial for the understanding of cloud formation processes in the atmosphere of Mars. We aim to do simultaneous measurements of water vapour and dust and cloud particles in the limb of the atmosphere of Mars. A radiative transfer model is developed to simulate the processes of absorption and Mie scattering in the Martian atmosphere. The sensitivity of the scattered polarization on the size distribution of the scatterer, namely: water ice, CO2 ice and dust is presented in this work. In this context, we have proposed a compact spectro-polarimeter in the near infrared band of 1-1.7 µm for ISRO’s 2nd Mars mission.