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Name: Preeti Kharb
Affiliation: National Centre for Radio Astrophysics- TIFR
Conference ID: ASI2017_936
Title : Low Frequency Radio Observations of Radio-Weak Seyfert Galaxies
Authors and Co-Authors : Prajval Shastri (IIA), S7 Team
Abstract Type : Invited
Abstract Category : Extragalactic astronomy
Abstract : I will discuss the results from our multi-(low-)frequency study of a large sample of Seyfert galaxies. These observations have been carried out with the GMRT and the VLA. They reveal kiloparsec-scale radio structures (KSRs) in a vast majority of them, in contrast to previous observations in the literature typically carried out at high frequencies. However, the contamination from the host galaxy disk emission also increases at the lower frequencies of observation, making it more difficult to disentangle the AGN and star-formation contributions to the radio. I will discuss some of the successes and shortcomings of low frequency observations of radio-weak Seyfert galaxies.