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Name: Gourav Banerjee
Affiliation: Co-Founder, Kolkata Institute of Fundamental Science & Astronomy
Conference ID: ASI2017_1148
Title : Developing Year-long Astronomy Activity Sessions for School Students to Promote Astronomy Education
Authors and Co-Authors : Pratap Pal; Co-Founder, Kolkata Institute of Fundamental Science & Astronomy
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : other
Abstract : A new initiative to promote basic sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) and astronomy among school students has been started recently by the Kolkata Institute of Fundamental Science and Astronomy (KIFSA). Presently the initiative is running on an experimental basis to judge the response of students, their parents and the teachers. Presently astronomy oriented workshops or camps are organized by few government or non-government organizations, amateur associations and NGOs mostly during some specific periods of the year, like the winter or summer. But rarely one can find such activities going on throughout the year. Keeping this in mind, KIFSA has started offering a unique 'Astronomy Activity' course to schools which will run throughout the year. Now they are offering this course in association with the science and astronomy clubs of few reputed private schools of Kolkata. KIFSA conducts their courses in each fortnight of every month through classes of two hours duration. The course curriculum, developed with utmost care, focuses on imparting the flavor of astronomy rather than teaching the subject in great details. The objective of designing such course is to be the engine of motivation for young minds who desire to pursue astronomy as a career. Such initiative has created much sensation in few reputed private institutions in and outside Kolkata during recent times.