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Name: Ashmita Tribedi
Affiliation: Executive Member, Sky Watchers
Conference ID: ASI2017_1206
Title : Importance of Including Astronomy in School Curriculam of India
Authors and Co-Authors : Gourav Banerjee; Co-Founder, Kolkata Institute of Fundamental Science & Astronomy
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : other
Abstract : Astronomy has always had a great appeal among the general public historically. High school students are also among the same group.India having become a leading country in space research during recent times has created an even more appeal in present days. Leading astronomical observatories and premiere space agencies like NASA, ESA have impressive Public Outreach Programmes. India also has many truly world class observatories providing high class infrastructure for pursuing research in astronomy. But here astronomy is hardly offered by any university as a subject in the undergraduate level. It is also rarely added in few school curriculum of the nation. This lack of familiarity with astronomy acts as a vital factor for students loosing interest in the subject and opt some other field as a career. As a result, very few students opt for a career in astronomy. This work is a part of a survey project (which has been initiated recently) carried out in few schools in Kolkata to judge the interest level of secondary students in astronomy. A majority of students of Classes 8- 10 have showed their interest in learning astronomy as a course subject. The survey has also found out that many good students are having an interest to pursue astronomy as a career in future. The results of the survey have been plotted in graphs to receive an overall scenario. Positive response from a plenty of students have given us the courage to propose a suggestion of including astronomy as a part of the school curriculum in India. Data of the survey will support our proposal. The survey work will be carried out further in much broader and descriptive manner, yielding much more fruitful results in future, we believe.