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Name: Biswajit Pandey
Affiliation: Visva-Bharati University
Conference ID: ASI2017_1238
Title : An information theory based search for homogeneity and isotropy in Galaxy Redshift Surveys
Authors and Co-Authors : Suman Sarkar Department of Physics Visva-Bharati University
Abstract Type :
Abstract Category : Plenary
Abstract : The assumption that the Universe is statistically homogeneous and isotropic on sufficiently large scales is fundamental to modern cosmology. In this talk I will discuss about two information theory based new methods for testing the cosmic homogeneity and isotropy. We apply the proposed method on the main galaxy sample, the luminous red galaxy (LRG) sample and the quasar sample from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) to study the issue of cosmic homogeneity. I will present the results from our studies as well as discuss the results obtained so far from various galaxy surveys by using the traditional number count based methods and the multifractal analysis. We apply our method to test the isotropy in the galaxy distribution using the all sky 2MASS redshift survey and the 2MASS photometric redshift catalogue. I will discuss our results on these studies and finally present our conclusions on the validity of the cosmological principle.