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Name: K. Sriram
Affiliation: Department of Astronomy
Conference ID: ASI2017_1297
Title : Anti-correlated lags in a Z-source GX 17+2
Authors and Co-Authors : Malu S Department of Astronomy Osmania University Hyderabad A. R. Rao DAA TIFR Mumbai
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Stars,ISM and the Galaxy
Abstract : We performed the X-Ray temporal and spectral study of the neutron star source GX 17+2 using RXTE data. Cross-correlation analysis was implemented in various energy bands in order to detect lags. In a few observations we found that the soft (2-5 keV) and hard (16-30 keV) energy light curves show anti-correlated lags of the order of a few tens of seconds. During these observations we found that the power density spectra have also changed. The spectral analysis shows that the spectra pivots in the energy range 5-10 keV suggesting that the accretion disk geometry varied during the detected lag. Overall results are discussed in the framework of the truncated accretion disk model.