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Name: Nandan Kumar
Affiliation: BARC
Conference ID: ASI2017_1313
Title : VHE gamma-ray observations of Active Galactic Nuclei using TACTIC gamma-ray telescope during 2015-16.
Authors and Co-Authors : N. Kumar, P Chandra, K K Yadav, K K Singh, A K Tickoo, R C Rannot, B Ghosal, A Goyal, K K Gour, N K Agarwal , H C Goyal, N Kumar, P Marandi, M Kothari, V K Dhar, N Chouhan, C Borwankar, S Bhattacharyya, N Bhatt, S Sahayanathan, M Sharma, S Godambe, N Mankuzhiyil, K Chanchalani, K Venugopal, S Godiyal, R Koul, M K Koul, C K Bhat Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic astronomy
Abstract : TACTIC (TeV Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope with Imaging Camera) gamma-ray telescope is operational at Mount Abu, Rajasthan (24.6o N, 72.7o E,1300 m asl). The telescope is being used to study mainly extra-galactic Very High Energy (VHE) gamma-ray sources. It detects VHE gamma rays from a standard candle gamma ray source Crab Nebula above ~ 850 GeV at 5 sigma level in about 12 hours of on- source observation. We have observed following Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) by using the telescope during 2015-16. These are; 1.) Markarian 421(z ~0.031), 2.) Markarian 501 (z~0.034), 3.) IC310 (z~0.0189), 4.) 1ES1440 + 122 (z~0.163), 5.) 1ES1959 + 65 (z~0.048), 6.) B20806 + 35 (z~0.083) and 7.) PG 1553 + 113 (z~0.5) and total observation made on each source are 124.03, 23.85, 17.38, 9.38, 36.03, 93.7 and 12.7 hours respectively. The total data recorded during these observations were for 367 hours. Analysis of the recorded data to search for the presence of VHE gamma-ray signal and near contemporaneous multi-wavelength studies from radio to gamma-ray energies from the listed sources are being done. Preliminary results of data analysis on six ( 2 - 7 listed above) AGN will be presented in the meeting.