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Name: Mahendra Kothari
Affiliation: BARC
Conference ID: ASI2017_1314
Title : VHE gamma-ray observations of Markarian 421 TACTIC during 2015-16.
Authors and Co-Authors : M.Kothari, R C Rannot, P Chandra, K K Yadav, K K Singh, A K Tickoo, A Goyal, K K Gour, N K Agarwal , H C Goyal, N Kumar, P Marandi, V K Dhar, N Chouhan, C Borwankar , B Ghosal, S Bhattacharyya, N Bhatt, S Sahayanathan, M Sharma, S Godambe, N Mankuzhiyil, K Chanchalani, K Venugopal, S Godiyal, R Koul, M K Koul, C K Bhat
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic astronomy
Abstract : We have observed extragalactic TeV gamma-ray source Mrk421 (z = 0.030 ) which is a blazar at Very High Energy (VHE) energies using TACTIC gamma-ray telescope at Mt. Abu, Rajasthan (24.6o N, 72.7o E, 1300 m asl) during 2015-16. The observations were made from 17th Dec 2015 to 09th May 2016 for 124.03 hours. Preliminary data analysis results indicate an excess of 374.7 ± 59.1 gamma-ray like events from the source direction with a statistically significance of 6.34 sigma corresponding to an integral flux of ~ 2 x10-12 photons cm-2 sec-1 above 850GeV. These results along with multiwavelength observations of the source from Fermi/LAT, Swift-XRT, MAXI detectors which are available publically at lower energies will be presented in the meeting.