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Name: Joshi Yogeshkumar Dileepkumar
Affiliation: Poornima University - Jaipur
Conference ID: ASI2017_1377
Title : Do Earth Have two moons...?
Authors and Co-Authors : Mr. Ravin Kumar Jangir Mr. Pratish Rawat Poornima University- Jaipur
Abstract Type : Reject
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : As it is a recently controversy that do Earth have two Moons...? many Scientists are Brainstorming about it. As per our own observations that the spots on moon we observe today will directly be observed on next to next day and the spots on moon we had observed yesterday will be seen tomorrow. Hence there is always a one day gap we ind between the alike spots of moon. So, why do we see it in that way..? The Reason is Earth have two moons and same moon will be observed on alternate days. Also, proving by the Mathematical calculation about the time period and rotation of Moon and hence there are two moons.