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Name: Amareswari K
Affiliation: ISRO Satellite Centre , Bangalore
Conference ID: ASI2017_1381
Title : On the connection between Active region complexity and Solar Flare strength.
Authors and Co-Authors : Amareswari K. ( ISRO Satellite Centre,Bangalore ), Sreejith Padinhatteeri ( Manipal Center for Natural Sciences, Manipal University, Manipal ), Sankarasubramanian K. ( ISRO Satellite Centre,Bangalore)
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : Active regions on the solar disk, with complex magnetic topology have higher probability of flaring. Modified Mount-Wilson scheme is one of the methodology to classify active regions based on their complexity (Hale e. al., 1919, Kunzel, 1965). As per this scheme, sunspots are classified as alpha, beta, gamma, and delta with the complexity of the magnetic topology increasing from alpha to delta. The delta sunspots are known to be highly flare- productive. An existing automated algorithm (SMART-DF) is modified and used to identify delta-spots for the existing full disk SOHO/MDI data. The automatically identified delta-spots is compared with the NOAA-SRS database and found to be reproducing almost all the identified delta-spots. In this study, the connection between formation of delta-spot and flares is also carried out. Preliminary results from this statistical study on solar flare-delta spots connections along with the flare strength will be presented.