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Name: Muhammed saleem
Affiliation: IISER Trivandrum
Conference ID: ASI2017_1390
Title : Prospects of LIGO-India in probing mass and spin parameters of compact binaries
Authors and Co-Authors : ABHIRUP GHOSH P Ajith ICTS Banglore Archana Pai IISER Trivandrum
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : Observation of gravitational waves from colliding black holes by two LIGO detectors at Hanford and Livingston in United states has opened a new window to the universe. A global network of interferometers with the European detector Virgo, the Japanese detector KAGRA is likely to be operational in coming years. The fifth detector LIGO-India has got the formal approval and is expected to join the hunt for gravitational waves in next decade. Coalescences of compact object like neutron stars and/or black holes are the primary targets of this global network. In this work, we investigate the improvement in the estimation of the properties of a compact binary coalescence with inclusion of LIGO-India in the global network of detectors. We have chosen representative double neutron star, neutron star - black hole and binary black holes systems for this study.