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Name: Mahesh
Affiliation: BARC
Conference ID: ASI2017_1426
Title : Automatic Generic Modern/Flat UI MACE Scheduler
Authors and Co-Authors : Mahesh Punna1, S.Padmini1, Preetha Nair1, Shikha Srivastava1, Anushri Jain1, Behere Anita R1 R.C. Rannot2, A.K.Tickoo2, K.K.Yadav2, Nilay Bhat2, N. Chouhan2, P. Chandra2 1Electronics Division, BARC 2Astro Physical Sciences Division, BARC
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : MACE Scheduler software streamlines observations of various high energy gamma-ray sources to generate observation schedule. The paper presents design of MACE Scheduler incorporating plug-in based framework to facilitate automated schedule preparation. The software also exploits advances in man-machine interfaces to provide better convenience and flexibility to the user. The software implements a filter work flow for gamma-ray sources reduction. The sources are prioritized by applying a set of customizable user defined filters like visibility filter, priority filter, priority resolution filter or any user defined criteria. This provides flexibility to apply user tailored filter criteria for reducing the source list. The scheduler automatically applies the filters over the selected date range and prepares auto-schedules based on the order of filtered sources. Loosely coupled software design allows decoupling the astronomical timing calculation algorithms from schedule preparation workflow. Scheduler provides rich user interface by making use of WPF flat UI control templates focussing more on “Design for Content not Chrome” and user configurable filters based on XML schema.