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Name: Ruta Kale
Affiliation: NCRA-TIFR
Conference ID: ASI2017_427
Title : Discovery of a radio relic in the merging galaxy cluster PLCKG200.9-28.2
Authors and Co-Authors : Dan Wik (1), Tiziana Venturi(2), Simona Giacintucci (3), Gianfranco Brunetti (2), Rossella Cassano (2), Daniele Dallacasa (2,4) (1) INAF-IRA, Bologna (2) NASA (3) NRL (4) Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Bologna
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic astronomy
Abstract : Radio relics at the peripheries of merging galaxy clusters are tracers of the elusive shocks around clusters. We report the discovery of a radio relic in the Planck satellite discovered cluster PLCKG200.9-28.2 at a redshift of 0.22 using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope and the Karl G. Jansky VLA. It has a largest linear extent of a Mpc and is at a distance of 0.9 Mpc from the cluster centre. The analysis of archival XMM Newton data shows that it is a merging cluster based on the disturbed X-ray morphology and a high temperature of about 5 - 6 keV. We discuss the properties of this new relic and the host cluster and compare it with those of the other clusters with radio relics.