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Name: Durgesh Tripathi
Affiliation: IUCAA, Pune
Conference ID: ASI2017_565
Title : It's hot, magnetic, happening and it matters: The Solar Corona
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Abstract Category : Plenary
Abstract : The existence of million degree hot corona and dynamics therein at a range of spatial and temporal scales has been one of the most challenging problems in Astrophysics. In addition to providing a challenging physics problem, it also has direct impact on the atmosphere of the earth, climate and space weather. On one hand the high energy explosions on the Sun can have devastating effects on society. On the other hand, the Sun's UV and X-ray radiation do impact the dynamics of the Earth's atmosphere. The active regions on the Sun provide the best target of opportunity to study the coronal heating and dynamics and they also form the source regions of high energy explosions. In this talk, I shall focus primarily on the heating and dynamics of the solar active regions and present some new results that are obtained using state-of-the-art current space missions.