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Name: Shishir Sankhyayan
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Pune)
Conference ID: ASI2017_594
Title : Large Scale Structures and Clusters-Voids Cross-correlation
Authors and Co-Authors : Joydeep Bagchi (IUCAA, Pune)
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : We report a high concentration of 43 clusters (mass >= 10^14 M_sun each) at z ~ 0.28. We call this concentration - "Saraswati Supercluster". The comoving extent of these 43 clusters is ~ 190 Mpc. It seems, though work is still in progress, that this high concentration of clusters is unusual in LCDM model. It is observed that high concentration of clusters are surrounded by voids. Voids surround the Saraswati Supercluster as well. The dark energy density in voids is higher than the average dark energy density of the Universe. This means that void regions must expand at higher rate than the mean expansion rate and this might be helping the clustering of dark matter on the edges of voids. In order to understand the role of dark energy helping in structure formation (atleast on the edges of the voids), we calculate the clusters-voids cross-correlation and see how this changes for very high concentration of clusters, like Sararwati.