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Name: Tomin K James
Affiliation: Iiser pune
Conference ID: ASI2017_599
Title : Energetics of small electron acceleration episodes in the solar corona
Authors and Co-Authors : Prasad Subramanian, IISER Pune Eduard Kontar, Uni. of Glasgow
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : We study the power and number statistics on non-thermal electrons in small episodes of electron acceleration in the solar corona. We carried out an extensive survey spanning 2004–2015 and shortlisted 5 impulsive electron events detected at 1 AU that was not associated with soft Xray flares > C1 or with coronal mass ejections. Each of these events had weak, but detectable hard Xray (HXR) emission near the west limb, and were associated with interplanetary type III bursts. The number of electrons that escaped the coronal acceleration site to reach 1 AU was found to be up to 30 % of the ones that produced thick target HXR emission. Our findings are much higher than existing reported values of 0.1% which are usually associated with big flares and in line with predictions from the simulation carried out by Wang(2016). The energy carried by the HXR producing electron population was  1e+25 ergs, while that in the corresponding population that was detected at 1 AU was  1e+23 ergs. These findings are expected to aid our understanding of nanoflare-like events that could contribute towards heating the corona.