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Name: Sk Javed Rana
Affiliation: IUCAA
Conference ID: ASI2017_650
Title : Searching electromagnetic counterparts for gravitational wave sources
Authors and Co-Authors : Sukanta Bose, IUCAA, Pune. Varun Bhalerao, IUCAA, Pune.
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : Within the next decade, a global network of advanced gravitational wave detectors including LIGO-India are expected to detect various gravitational wave sources. These detectors can yield certain parameters of the gravitational wave source, but complementary studies in electromagnetic wavelengths are crucial for a complete astrophysical understanding. In our work, we proposed electromagnetic counterparts of these sources, and the extremely challenging problem of detecting them. We highlight why India forms a key node in this global effort, and discuss prospects of optical, IR, radio and X-ray follow-up from India. The focus of the work is ongoing efforts in India for detecting these counterparts and the open challenges in this work.