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Name: varun
Affiliation: Research Scholar, Raman Research Institute
Conference ID: ASI2017_738
Title : Astrosat LAXPC observation of the rotation powered pulsar PSR B 1598-58
Authors and Co-Authors : Varun (Raman Research Institute), Biswajit Paul (RRI),Aru Beri( University Of Southampton), Sujay Mate (IISER Pune), Pragati Pradhan (University of North Bangal), Nazma Islam (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center), Chandreyee Maitra (Max Plank Institute Of Astrophysics), Chetana Jain (Dehli University), J.S. Yadav (Tata Institute of Fundamental Institute), H.M. Antia (TIFR), P.C. Agarwal (TIFR), R.K. Manchanda (TIFR), P.Shah(TIFR), D. Dedhia (TIFR), T. Katoch (TIFR), P. Madhwani (TIFR), M. Pahari (IIUCAA), J.V. Chavan (TIFR).
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : Stars,ISM and the Galaxy
Abstract : We present results from timing and spectral analysis of a LAXPC observation of the young rotation powered pulsar PSR 1509-58. This is among the sources with highest spin-down energy powering a bright Pulsar Wind Nebula. With a short observation carried out over 8 orbits of Astrosat during 01-02 March 2016, the pulsations have been detected in the entire energy band of 3-80 keV in each of the three LAXPC detectors. We have also accurately measured the spectral parameters of the pulsed emission in the 4-60 keV band. The background variation is mitigated by subtracting the off-pulse component. Prospects for further timing and spectroscopic studies of rotation powered pulsars will also be discussed.