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Name: Mamta Gulati
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Mohali
Conference ID: ASI2017_794
Title : Is Ram pressure stripping efficient in quenching star formation?
Authors and Co-Authors : Dr. Jasjeet Singh Bagla, IISER Mohali.
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : Galaxies undergo many changes during their lifetime caused by various complicated processes. For instance: star formation in galaxies depends on the amount of gas at appropriate density and temperature, this in turn is affected by various internal and external factors like galactic wind, accretion, supernova explosion and so--on. Ram Pressure Stripping (RPS) is one such process, which removes gas from the galaxy as it passes through inter galactic medium. This mechanism was proposed by Gunn and Gott more than four decades ago and is studied by various authors since then. However its efficiency is still debatable. In the present work we study analytically the efficiency of RPS as a mechanism to remove gas from galaxies and hence quenching star formation. We quantify the range of halo masses where RPS is effective in removing gas from the disc galaxies. We discuss analytical estimate of the time taken to strip off the gas from the disc as function of disc radius and mass. We further discuss how efficient RPS is as we go to higher red-shifts.