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Name: Pankaj Sanwal
Affiliation: Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciences
Conference ID: ASI2017_795
Title : Optical analysis of Type IIb Supernova 2016gkg
Authors and Co-Authors : Dr. Brijesh Kumar , Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciences
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic astronomy
Abstract : Supernovae caused by the core collapse of stars are called type II SNe if they show strong Balmer lines in their spectra. SNe Type II are only found in the spiral arms of galaxies with young population of stars which indicate that the progenitor stars are quiet massive. As the Type II supernovae don't form a homogeneous class of objects, there's no satisfactory explanation about the explosion mechanism, neither we've the clear answer about the progenitor properties. In this optical analysis of SNe IIb 2016gkg , we present progenitor properties i.e. the peak absolute magnitude, Ni-56 mass,ejecta mass, kinetic energy of the ejecta estimated by studying the light curve. The supernova is being monitored in the optical wavelengths using the 1.04m Sampurnanand Telescope and 1.3m Devasthal Fast Optical Telescope at ARIES, Nainital. The UBVRI broad-band photometric data were used to study the light curve evolution of the supernova. To calibrate the data one need the Landolt celestial equator standards, however in our case for the accurate calibration of our data, high quality standards set of data has been obtained at zenith using our zenith sky survey(which covers 30 arc min field of the zenith sky at the latitude 29.4deg) at Nainital.