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Name: Krishna Kumar Pandey
Affiliation: Department of Astrnomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad
Conference ID: ASI2017_931
Title : Asymmetry breaks during solar activity
Authors and Co-Authors : K. M. Hiremath2, G. Yellaiah3 3. Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad, A.P, 500007, India. 2. Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangaluru, India.
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : Symmetry is foundation of an established dynamic system like Sun and asymmetry evolves during process leaving an imprint of sun’s activity and processes involved therein. Reduction in strength of asymmetry could be the sign of rise in symmetry at specific time/interval. Asymmetry and symmetry, both are inertial effect of some cause, hidden in the solar layers. Asymmetry is being localized within short time scale, it also persists at different time scales. In the present study we examine the character and nature of asymmetry at various time scales by optimizing sunspot area and soft X-ray flare index data set, in units of Carrington rotations (CRs). We found that asymmetry strength appears to be lowered at certain periods ~06, ~12, ~18 CRs (164, 327 and, 492 days i.e., harmonics of ~1.3 years. Number of significant asymmetry points depends upon the solar heights.