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Name: Manoj Puravankara
Affiliation: TIFR, Mumbai
Conference ID: ASI2017_933
Title : Underabunadance of water behind interstellar shocks: Implications for the oxygen budget of the ISM
Authors and Co-Authors : D. Neufeld (Johns Hopkins, USA), S. T. Megeath (Univ. of Toledo, USA) D. M. Watson (Univ. of Rochester, USA), B. Gonzalez (ESAC, Spain), R. Vavrek (ESAC, Spain) and the HOPS team
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : Stars,ISM and the Galaxy
Abstract : We detected, for the first time, a jet in the far-IR [OI] lines from an intermediate mass protostar FIR 3 in the OMC-2 region. The jet line luminosity and implied mass loss rate are a factor of 10 higher than those found for low mass protostars, indicating that intermediate mass protostars drive more powerful jets than their low mass counterparts. We further analysed the far-IR water line emission from protostars, which is thought to arise from shock heated gas in protostellar outflows. In the postshock gas behind shocks, the water vapour abundances are expected to be considerably enhanced compared to those in cold molecular gas. Our results, however, indicate that the water abundances in shock heated gas in protostars are significantly lower (by a factor of 3) than those predicted by theoretical models. The "underabundance" of water behind protostellar outflow shocks has important implications for the total oxygen budget of the ISM.