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Name: Sarmistha Banik
Affiliation: BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus
Conference ID: ASI2017_946
Title : universal relations of rotating neutron stars with exotic matter
Authors and Co-Authors : Smruti Smita Lenka, Prasanta Char
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Stars,ISM and the Galaxy
Abstract : We are yet to reach a consensus on the compact star EoS, due to our limited knowledge of the nature of matter beyond normal nuclear matter density. Hence, there have been a lot of studies in the general relativistic stellar models to find relations between observable parameters that are essentially independent of EoS. Many authors tried to highlight a relation between normalised moment of inertia(I) and stellar compactness (M/R) data for neutron stars with nucleons only core. Once we have simultaneous measurements of moment of inertia and mass(M), a universal relation will allow us to determine the radius(R) with a very high accuracy, which is otherwise difficult to measure. With the upcoming SKA telescope, measurement of I is expected to be accomplished soon. We explore if any universal relations of some of the normalised properties, such as critical mass and moment of inertia, exists that should not depend on specific EoS or as a matter of fact constituents of the dense matter. However, deviations in the universal relations for moment of inertia are observed at higher compactness.