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Name: Karamveer Kaur
Affiliation: Raman Research Institute,Bangalore
Conference ID: ASI2017_970
Title : Non-Axisymmetric Instabilities of a Stellar Disc around a Black Hole
Authors and Co-Authors : 1). Prof. S. Sridhar from Raman Research Institute, Bangalore 2). Dr. Mher V. Kazandjian from Leiden University,the Netherlands 3) Prof. J. R. Touma from American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : Stars,ISM and the Galaxy
Abstract : The centres of many galaxies harbour Massive Black Holes which are surrounded by dense star clusters, known as Nuclear Star Clusters. Observations of nearby galaxies (our Galaxy and M31) show that these systems are very different in structure from other star clusters, say, globular clusters, in their deviations from spherical symmetry. These distortions could arise from dynamical, self-gravitating instabilities: e.g. it is known that stellar discs, having the counter-rotating populations of stars, are prone to a lopsided instability. I will present new investigations of other non-axisymmetric instabilities that may afflict an axisymmetric stellar disc corresponding to a particular kind of distribution function known as waterbag.