Design of an integrated front end receiver for array of
precision spectrometers for epoch of recombination

Agaram Raghunathan* and R. Somashekar
Raman Research Institute, C.V. Raman Avenue, Sadashivanagar Bangalore 560080, India

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APSERA is an array of precision spectrometers being built for the detection of Epoch of RecombinAtion (ERA) signal. This enables accurate determination of some key parameters of the universe and provide better understanding of its thermal history. Observationally this task is challenging since the estimated magnitude of the signal is 8 to 9 orders weaker than CMBR temperature. To detect such a signal, a radio receiver should have low noise, high gain and high dynamic range characteristics with a ripple free passband. A compact, uncooled LNA having a noise figure less than a dB and ripple free gain and return loss characteristics is being designed in the frequency range 2-4 GHz for APSERA. We describe in the present paper, the simulation and protying experience along with the results obtained.

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Keywords : Low-Noise amplifier