Instructions for Users

Please NOTE those who created accounts during ASI 2016 and ASI 2017 need not create it again. They can directly login with their respective user name (your email address) and password. If there are issues with user names and passwords then please go to Login page and click on the links "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" and follow the further instructions.

After logging in they can submit abstract, conference registration form and other relevant forms.

For new users:-

To submit an abstract, conference registration one need to create an user account. user id should be your email address.

After submitting your user form an activation link will be sent to the email address you have mentioned in "Create User Account" Form. Please activate your account for further processing. 

Once you are logged in click on abstract submission form to submit abstract.

Payment details for Conference Registration can be found from the links. Please read the instructions and make payment accordingly.

Note: After Submitting Abstract, Conference Registration or any other forms make sure you get an email acknowledgement. This will act as a reference. Also after logging in, on right side you have link called submitted forms, which lists all the forms submitted by you. In case you have issues, please email us at