Computational Astrophysics: An Emerging Avenue for Indian Astronomy Community (WS1)

Computational astrophysics opens new windows in the way we perceive and study our Universe. This rapidly growing new discipline in astronomy combines modern computational methods and algorithms to simulate and analyse data so as to discover new phenomena, and to make predictions in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Space sciences.

The one day workshop on Computational Astrophysics is intended as a platform to enable an exchange of ideas among groups from different Indian Institutions as well as global experts using numerical simulations to address relevant astrophysical problems. Research in the field of computational astrophysics in India is still nascent but rapidly growing into a sizeable community. A primary aim of the workshop is to bring together such researchers from within and outside India for exchange of ideas, which will foster collaborations in the long run. The focus of this workshop is to showcase the current and diverse expertise of Indian researchers in the field of Computational Astrophysics. We will hope that this workshop will be a seed for future major endeavours in this community and larger gatherings, and foster an environment of computational modelling of astrophysical environments.

The workshop will prove to be a timely asset to compliment and provide a strong user base to facilities being developed under the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM).

Goal of the Workshop:
Indian astronomy community is growing at an accelerating pace and have been involved in development as well as application of state-of-the-art computational codes to unravel the mysteries of the Universe covering a vast range of physical scales. Numerical simulations provide a versatile approach to understand some of the complex non linear behaviour in both space and astrophysical environments. In view of computational astrophysics being an emerging avenue in the current stage, the proposed workshop will focus on :
1. Providing an overview on applications of various astrophysical and cosmological codes that are widely applied and novel methods/strategies developed to meet the growing challenge of computationally intensive calculations.
2. Encouraging young masters and PhD students to dive into the arena of computational modelling and making them aware of the recent developments both in national and international front in the area of computational astrophysics.
3. Discussing the integral role of numerical simulations to compliment the various upcoming major science projects where Indian astronomy community is collaborating at various levels.
4. Forging a working group on computational astrophysics among the Indian Astronomy community.

Participation and programme:
We invite participation from scientists, engineers, PhD students and postdocs working in advancement of understanding astrophysical phenomena at all scales using state-of-the-art computational codes.

The workshop program along with the abstract book can be downloaded from here.

No. of expected Participants: 80-100

Bhargav Vaidya (IIT Indore; )
Dipanjan Mukherjee (IUCAA Pune; )
and Sharanya Sur (IIA Bangalore; )

The workshop will be live streamed on youtube at: The link will be active from 9:00 AM, 18/2/2021.
Details regarding joining the zoom session of the workshop has been emailed to all registered participants who have subscribed to the workshop participation form. If you have missed such an email, please check your spam folder in case your email server has flagged the email with the zoom link. Else, please write to one of the organisers.