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Name: Shailendra Singh
Affiliation: IISER Bhopal
Conference ID : ASI2023_217
Title : Implications of shock wave in the inertial confinement fusion and phase transition in neutron stars
Authors : Shailendra Singh
Mode of Presentation: Oral
Abstract Category : Thesis
Abstract : Shock waves have numerous applications in the field of fluid dynamics, astrophysics, high-energy physics, and cosmology. A shock wave is a wave where the disturbance in the medium propagates faster than the local speed of sound. On either side of the interference, the thermodynamic variables vary discontinuously. The mass, momentum, and energy conservation laws across the surface lead to the Rankine–Hugoniot (RH) and Taub equation connecting the properties of the fluid on either side of the discontinuity. The first part of the Thesis presents the study of the magnetic field effect in an implosion process achieved by radiation. The oscillating magnetic field modifies the volume of the time-like detonation of the core of implosion and the time of the implosion process. Next, we study shock-induced phase transition in neutron stars and magnetars. The transition from nuclear matter to quark matter can happen at the center of the neutron star, where the density is very high. First, the kinematic approach has been employed for studying phase transition in neutron stars and magnetars. A new maximum mass limit for the hybrid star (a star with a quark core surrounded by nuclear matter) formed after the shock-induced phase transition in a neutron star has been found. In last, we study the dynamic phase transition process as a two-step process: first, the nuclear matter gets deconfined (strong interaction) into up and down quarks (2-flavor matter), and then further decays into strange quarks (weak decay), forming 3-favour matter (up, down, and strange). We found that gravitational wave amplitude due to the phase transition is well within the present detector’s capability; however, the frequency is on the higher side. In the talk, we will discuss the crucial findings of the Thesis work.