Anna Mani Gender Equity Lecture Series

The aim of this lecture series is to bring eminent members of the scientific community to share their scholarship and experiences on the issue of gender equity. The series is named after Anna Mani, one of the pioneering women who pursued a career in scientific research in an era when most women were not allowed even to attend school. After graduating from the Madras Presidency College in 1939 she worked with C.V. Raman on optical properties of materials. Though she did excellent work and published several research papers she did not get a PhD because she did not have a masters. Later she went to the Imperial College London and studied meteorological instrumentation. After returning to India in 1948 she joined the met department in Pune (known locally as the 'Shimla Office') and retired from there in 1976 as the deputy director general. She kept her research activity alive throughout and one of the main areas of her research was solar radiation.

1st Anna Mani Lecture by R. Govindrajan (TCIS-TIFR, Hyderabad), April 2016
2nd Anna Mani Lecture by Sumi Krishna, October 2018
3rd Anna Mani Lecture by Amrita Banerjee, 9 August 2019
4th Anna Mani Lecture by Aashmia Dogra, 30th January 2020
5th Anna Mani Lecture by Aashmia Dogra, 31st January 2020
6th Anna Mani Lecture by Rohini Godbole, 2nd March 2020
7th Anna Mani Lecture by Meera Nanda, 6th March 2020
8th Anna Mani Lecture by Abha Sur, 4th September 2020
9th Anna Mani Lecture by Jayasree Subramanian, 24th June 2021
10th Anna Mani Lecture by Vidita Vaidya, 22nd July 2021