Anna Mani Gender Equity Lecture Series

"The Anna Mani lecture series is part of the ongoing effort by the Working Group for Gender Equity of the Astronomical Society of India for increasing gender sensitisation in the astronomy community in India. Anna Mani, after whom this lecture series is based, was a pioneering Indian physicist and a meterologist who carried out path-breaking research in 1950s India, against all odds. After completing her undergraduate degree in physics from Presidency College, Madras, she undertook research at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. She worked with C V Raman on the spectroscopy of diamonds and rubies. However, she was not granted a PhD degree by Madras University, on the pretext that she did not have a masters degree, ignoring the fact that she had obtained a scholarship for graduate studies on the basis of her undergraduate degree. She then took up an internship to study physics at Imperial College, London but ended up in specializing on meterological instrumentation. She returned to India in 1948 and joined the Indian Meterological Department at Pune. In 1976, she retired as the deputy director general of IMD, and subsequently returned to the Raman Research Institute as a visiting professor for several years. During her career as a meterologist, Anna Mani helped in setting up instruments for studying the ozone layer and wind energy, as well as a millimeter-wave telescope at Nandi Hills to study solar radiation. She wrote two books on Solar radiation." An article on Anna Mani was published on BBC news on 8th Dec 2023, please find more information from the link.

1st Anna Mani Lecture by Rama Govindarajan, 22nd April 2016
2nd Anna Mani Lecture by Sumi Krishna, 30th October 2018
3rd Anna Mani Lecture by Amrita Banerjee, 9th August 2019
4th Anna Mani Lecture by Aashmia Dogra, 30th January 2020
5th Anna Mani Lecture by Aashmia Dogra, 31st January 2020
6th Anna Mani Lecture by Rohini Godbole, 2nd March 2020
7th Anna Mani Lecture by Meera Nanda, 6th March 2020
8th Anna Mani Lecture by Abha Sur, 4th September 2020
9th Anna Mani Lecture by Jayasree Subramanian, 24th June 2021
10th Anna Mani Lecture by Vidita Vaidya, 22nd July 2021
11th Anna Mani Lecture by Gita Chadha, 2nd September 2021
12th Anna Mani Lecture by Chayanika Shah, 6th October 2021
13th Anna Mani Lecture by Jocelyn Bell Burnell, 29th October 2021
14th Anna Mani Lecture by Madhumita Mazumdar, 20th October 2022
15th Anna Mani Lecture by V. Sujatha, 10th November 2022
16th Anna Mani Lecture by Sukanya Chakrabarti, 19 May 2023
17th Anna Mani Lecture by Jahnavi Phalkey, 09th December 2023