This is the ASI public outreach committee's page on science with ASTROSAT,
the multi-wavelength space observatory launched by ISRO on 28 Sep 2015.

Latest News

  • First Image from ASTROSAT : On October 9, 2015 Astrosat detected the Crab Nebula, a remnant of an old Supernova, in X-rays. More news here.

ASTROSAT Outreach Resources

  • Mission poster (download, print and use in your own programme)

PNG :: 100 dpi :: 05 MB

PNG :: 300 dpi :: 20 MB

TIFF (CMYK) :: 150 dpi :: 35 MB

Credit :: Designed by Adrita Bose*

  • Get answers to your common Queries about ASTROSAT

In English


  • "Meet the ASTROSAT Astronomers" press event

The press statement released by the ASI during the "Meet the ASTROSAT Astronomers" events organised in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune on 29th september 2015

Meet the Astrosat Astronomers - Pune1
Meet the Astrosat Astronomers - Pune2
Meet the Astrosat Astronomers - Blore2
Meet the Astrosat Astronomers - Blore1

Updates from Twitter


The Story of ASTROSAT - a trailer
Live Launch of ASTROSAT Mission
* Adrita is a 23 year old illustrator based out of Pune, working part time at a design studio and freelancing for the other part.

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