List of Posters

The list of posters during the 42nd meeting of the Astronomical Society of India.
As there are a large number of posters this time, it has been decided to have the posters online on the ASI website in addition to the in-person presentation. The guidelines online poster presentation can be found from the link and In-person poster presentation from the link. Please click on the link or tabs to view the list of participants for different categories.

Abstract CategoryNo of Participants for Poster Presentation (Total 421)
Sun, Solar System, Exoplanets, and Astrobiology86 participants
Stars, Interstellar Medium, and Astrochemistry in Milky Way66 participants
High Energy Phenomena, Fundamental Physics and Astronomy 112 participants
Galaxies and Cosmology114 participants
Facilities, Technologies and Data science31 participants
Education, Outreach and Heritage12 participants