Poster Presentation Guidelines - Online

As there are a large number of posters this time, it has been decided to have the posters online on the ASI website in addition to the in-person presentation. This will also enable the SOC to view all posters in every category throughout the duration of the meeting and help in evaluation of the Best poster awards. 

On the ASI Website - All poster presenters are required to upload the following through their ASI2024 accounts. Please submit the poster using the link (login necessary).

1. Posters (in PDF format only, size less than 5 MB), and

2. Short audio narration explaining the poster (MP3 format, size less than 5 MB and not exceeding 3 minutes).

The form to upload these posters will become available from 15th January 2024 and will be open till the end of the day on 25th January 2024 with no further extension. These posters will be grouped according to the abstract categories and available for viewing to all registered participants after login. Please make sure that you upload your poster on the ASI website. These posters will continue to remain available on the ASI website for some duration even after the meeting.

Online poster format – The poster contents and format should be identical to the poster being presented in-person. Please note that the size of the PDF file should not exceed 5 MB.