Instructions for Workshops

During the 42nd Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India, 6 workshops will be organized on 31st Jan 2024, Wednesday. Registered participants of ASI 2024 (who have paid the registration fee) can attend any one of the workshops as listed in the table, subject to selection. The online form to attend these workshops is closed now. The number of participants will be limited and will be decided by the organizers of the respective workshop.

The list of workshops on 31st Jan 2024 is as follows-

Sl No.Workshop NameList of ParticipantsProgramVenue
1Workshop 1 - Aditya-L1: India’s Solar & Heliospheric Observatory in space linklinkAuditorium, ISRO HQ
2Workshop 2 - (Sub)Millimeter Astronomy: Introduction to ALMA and Indian perspectiveslinklinkRBM Hall, Chemical Sciences Building, IISc  
3Workshop 3 - CME propagation in the interplanetary space to predict Bz and space weather impactlinklinkConference Hall, ISRO HQ
4Workshop 4 - Daksha Science Workshoplink LH 5 (F1 09), Physical Sciences Building, IISc
5Workshop 5 - Planning a more robust followup of transient astronomical sources from India linklinkLH 4 (F0 11), Physical Sciences Building, IISc
6Workshop 6 - UV-Optical-IR Astronomy in India: Prospects of the next decade linklinkAuditorium, Physical Sciences Building, IISc