1. About the Award

The Astronomical Society of India (ASI) has instituted the Zubin Kembhavi award funded by Ajit and Asha Kembhavi. The object is to promote (1) Observational and Instrumentation work in Astronomy and allied fields (2) Public Outreach and Education in Astronomy and allied fields.
The award carries a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000/- (Rupees one lakh) and a plaque awarded annually for notable and important contributions to the areas it addresses. In alternate years the award will be directed to work done in areas (1) and (2) mentioned above.

2. Nomination Criteria

The nominees will be individuals or groups who have made significant and outstanding contributions in the area of (1) Observational and Instrumentation work in Astronomy and allied fields (2) Public Outreach and Education in Astronomy and allied fields. Nominations once made will remain valid for two cycles of the award. There will be no age limit. The award will be given to individuals or groups on the basis of the work done primarily in India.

3. Application

All nominations for the award  must  be received by the ASI, by the deadline as indicated on the website of the ASI. All nominations are to be submitted via the online interface given below. Nominations can be made by Heads of Institutions and other eminent members of the ASI.

Nominations are invited for Observational and Instrumentation work in Astronomy and allied fields. For the award year 2023, the nominations for the award must be received by 27th Nov 2023 (Extended deadline).

The nomination may be made in the following format:

  1. Name of the individual or group
  2. Details of nominee or Representative of the group
    1. Affiliation
    2. Address for correspondence
    3. Email id
    4. Mobile phone number
  3. Nomination letter signature of the proposer with date
  4. Academic qualifications of individual nominee or nature of the group
  5. Major work on which the nomination is based
  6. List of publications and/or reports
  7. Best five reprints and /or reports relevant to the recommendation (include hyperlinks only)
  8. Citations of relevance
  9. Any other information pertaining to the suitability of the nominee or group for the award
  10. Details of proposer
    1. Name
    2. Designation and Affiliation
    3. Address for correspondence,
    4. Email id
    5. Phone number

Online form is closed.

4. Selection Process

A five member Award Selection Committee (ASC) is constituted by the ASI ensuring technical and gender representation. Two members of the selection committee will be nominated by the donors for a three year term. Each member of the ASC receives all nominations along with the supporting material. The ASC will communicate the result of its deliberations to the ASI council within three months following the submission deadline.

5. Announcement of the Award

The successful nominee will be informed of the decision of the ASI council. The recipient of the award, or a representative when the award is made to a group, will be invited to deliver a special lecture at the annual meeting of the Society.

The following is the list of awardees:

Name of the Awardee Year
Shri Arvind Paranjpye 2022
Team Astrosat 2021
Samir Dhurde 2020
Vivek Monteiro on behalf of the Navnirmiti Group 2020
Team GMRT 2019
Niruj Mohan Ramanujam 2018