WGGE Anna Mani lecture on June 24, 2021 + Call for Volunteers

WGGE is pleased to announce the next Anna Mani lecture on June 24, 2021, by Jayasree Subramanian titled "They were Axiomatic, We are Empirical: The Indian Approach to the Gender Question in Mathematics". A poster for the talk is attached. Please find the Zoom link and Youtube live link below.

WGGE invites volunteers from the ASI community to help us in our efforts to make the astronomy community more gender-sensitive and equitable. The associate members will work closely with WGGE to plan, participate and conduct gender-sensitisation programs and related activities. Those who want to enroll can write to us at wgge.asi@gmail.com

Thanks and regards.
Preeti Kharb
On behalf of the Working Group for Gender Equity (WGGE)

Youtube Link is https://youtu.be/EfBHrRi_g1Y

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