Affiliation: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Conference ID : ASI2022_108
Title : Design of phased radio array for cosmic ray detection
Authors : (1) Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Jain (2) Mr. Subhadip Saha
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : In GRAPES-3 experiment, an array of scintillator detectors (SD) observes primary cosmic rays of energies up to ~10^17 eV. Because of physical constraints, further extension of present upper threshold with existing techniques gets rather perplexing. However, at energies 10^18eV (i.e. around ankle region) and beyond there could be even more interesting features or fine structures in the cosmic ray energy spectrum which may label hitherto unobserved new interesting phenomenology and hence requires extensive observations and studies at these energies. So, we have proposed for implication of a new emerging technique in parallel with the existing techniques to extend present upper threshold of GRAPES-3 experiment. Our aim is to determine if the energy threshold can be enhanced by installing a radio array. The proposal bears a 2-fold advantage of simultaneously enhancing the threshold of SD arrays and lowering the threshold of radio arrays. Once it is demonstrated at GRAPES-3, SD arrays can be deployed at radio observatories in order to lower their energy threshold.