During the 40th Meeting of the Astronomical Society of India, 4 workshops will be organized on 25th March 2022, Friday. Registered participants of ASI 2022 (who have paid the registration fee) can attend any one of the workshops as listed in the table. The online form to attend these workshops is available after login. The number of participants will be limited and will be decided by the organizers of the respective workshop.

The workshop form can be submitted using this link. In order to submit this form, please fill Conference registration form.

The list of workshops on 25th March 2022 is as follows-

Sl No. Workshop Name Alias
1 Workshop 1 - Planetary Space Weather Workshop 1
2 Workshop 2 - HPC Workshop on Radio Astronomy Data Analysis in the SKA Era Workshop 2
3 Workshop 3 - Long-term Study of the Solar Activity Workshop 3
4 Workshop 4 - Accretion processes around black holes and the emergence of AGN jets Workshop 4