On the ASI Website - All poster presenters, irrespective of if they are attending remotely or in-person, are required to upload their posters (in PDF format only, size less than 10 MB) and a short audio narration explaining the poster (MP3 format, size less than 5 MB and not exceeding 3 minutes). The form to upload these posters will become available soon. These posters will be grouped according to the abstract categories and available for viewing to all registered participants after login. Please make sure that you upload your poster on the ASI website. These posters will continue to remain available on the ASI website for some duration after the meeting.

On the Slack platform - Many recent online meetings have successfully used Slack to facilitate interaction between the attendees and presenters. We will be trying to do the same for poster presentations at ASI 2022. Both remote and in-person delegates will receive an email invitation (on the email id with which you have registered in the ASI Meeting) to join the ASI 2022 Slack group. Please join the group with your full name as used for the registration for the ASI Meeting. More information will be updated soon. After login into Slack, you will find various channels. Please upload your poster (pdf only, file size less than 10 MB) to the Slack channel under which your abstract has been selected (check the meeting website – https://astron-soc.in/asi2022/list_of_selected_abstracts). Along with the pdf file of your poster you should add a small description text (2-3 lines at most) and if you wish you can add a small audio (2-3 min long max, MP3 file only, file size less than 5 MB) description of your poster in your post. If you would like to be a bit more creative, you can make a small video presentation on your poster (2-3 min long max) and upload it in your YouTube channel and post the YouTube link in this post as well.

The Slack channels will be open all through the meeting and we encourage the presenters and participants to view the posters and to post their questions, queries and curiosities as replies to the post with the poster. You might find it useful to set up email notifications within the Slack channel, so that you get notified if someone reacts to your poster. Please note these posts will remain available beyond the time limits of the conference so all participants are encouraged to interact with each other over these posts even after the conference is over.

Online poster format – For uploading the posters online there is no specific format, you can make them in portrait or in landscape format. However, please keep in mind most of the participants will be viewing them on their laptops and desktops (Slack allows the users to zoom into these PDF files as well), so the font size and the size and resolution of the figures should be such that they are legible when opened on a standard 12-15 inch window. Please note that the size of the PDF file size should not exceed 10 MB.