For the online delegates, all of the oral sessions of the meeting will be held on the Zoom platform. To facilitate interaction with the presenters beyond the Q&A at the end of the talks, we will be making use of the Slack platform, Many recent online meetings have successfully used Slack to facilitate interaction between the attendees and presenters. We will be doing the same for oral as well as poster presentations at ASI 2022.

You will receive an email invitation (on the email id with which you have registered in the ASI Meeting) from ‘ASI_2022’ group in Slack for joining this group. Please join the group with your full name as used for the registration for the ASI Meeting. We plan to set up Slack channels for the plenary, other parallel oral sessions, as well as poster sessions.

We encourage the participants to address their questions, queries and curiosities for the speakers on these channels, and the presenters to answer the queries addressed to them. You might find it useful to set up email notifications within the Slack channel, so that you get notified if someone posts a question or comment addressed to you.

Please note these posts will remain available beyond the time limits of the conference. All participants are encouraged to interact with each other over these posts even after the conference is over. In case you are not registered for Slack, please send us an email.