1. All the Oral presenters and the Chairpersons are requested to join the session in which they will participate, 10 minutes before it commences. 
2. All the speakers should be available throughout the session. This will help the SOC to change the sequence of speakers/presentations in case of any network problem. 
3.The LOC is offering some options for remote oral presenters to deal with contingencies arising due to bandwidth and connectivity issues. You can choose to send your presentations to the LOC and they will arrange to present it online and at the venue. Our expectation is that the speakers will be able to present live presentations, and this will only be used  if bandwidth issues make it hard for the speaker to present remotely. If you plan to share your presentation, please follow the given guidelines:

a) Please share your presentation files in PDF format (with embedded fonts) only. This is to reduce cross platform compatibility issues to the extent possible.
b) Our preference is for you to upload your presentation to a platform of your choice (Google drive, Dropbox etc.) and share the link with us using a Google form which we will make available. Make sure to give us the access to be able to download the file. The google drive link is https://forms.gle/2kC5iAfH9hfXP9jb8
c) Please make sure to submit your presentation at least two (2) days before the date of your presentation.

4. The LOC is also offering the option for remote oral presenters to give pre-recorded talks. Those interested in this option can upload their presentation on Youtube and provide the link of the same to LOC who will play the video during the appropriate session. Our expectation is that the speakers will remain available for live Q&A all through their session. Please note that this is optional and is perhaps useful for those who expect to face bandwidth issues or are located in far away time-zones. 
5. The speakers are requested to be available on their registered mobile number during their session and a bit before then, in case the LOC needs to contact them. Changes in the status, if any, should be notified to the LOC and the SOC at least two (2) days prior to the day of the presentation.
6. We have a packed schedule, so please stick to the durations of your talks so that the session can start and end on time.