Name: Pravita Hallur
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali
Conference ID : ASI2022_128
Title : A Red-noise Eigenbasis for the Reconstruction of Astronomical Sources
Authors : Pravita Hallur - Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali Lia Medeiros - School of Natural Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study Tod R. Lauer - National Optical Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : In this talk, I will demonstrate the use of an eigenbasis that is derived from principal component analysis (PCA) applied on an ensemble of random-noise images that have a "red" power spectrum; i.e., a spectrum that decreases smoothly from large to small spatial scales. The pattern of the resulting eigenbasis allows for the reconstruction of images with a broad range of image morphologies. In particular, I will show that this general eigenbasis can be used to efficiently reconstruct images that resemble possible astronomical sources for interferometric observations; even though the images in the original ensemble used to generate the PCA basis are significantly different from the astronomical images. This is a useful tool for generating images from the observations of the Event Horizon Telescope. I will further show that the efficiency and fidelity of the image reconstructions depends only weakly on the particular parameters of the red-noise power spectrum used to generate the ensemble of images.