Name: Arun Kumar Diwakar
Affiliation: Kalinga University, Naya Raipur, C.G.
Conference ID : ASI2022_131
Title : Intrinsic shape of the elliptical galaxies: NGC 1199, 1395 and 1549
Authors : Arun Kumar Diwakar
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Photometric data from the literature is combined with triaxial mass models to derive 2D and 3D shapes of the light distribution of elliptical galaxies NGC 1199, NGC 1395 and 1549. The inferred shape variation in given by a Bayesian probability distribution, assuming a uniform prior. The likelihood of obtaining the data is calculated by using ensemble of triaxial models. We apply the method to infer the shape variation of a galaxy, using the ellipticities and the difference in the position angles at two suitably chosen points from the profiles of the photometric data. Best constrained shape parameters are found to be the short to long axial ratios at small and large radii, and the absolute values of the triaxiality difference between these radii. I found the shapes parameters, expectation values (< q_{0}>, < q_{\infty}>) of NGC 1199 (0.66, 0.88), NGC 1395 (0.60, 0.71) and 1549 (0.61, 0.84) and location of the peak values , of NGC 1199 (0.76, 0.95), NGC 1395 (0.68 , 0.84) and 1549 (0.51, 0.94) are such quantities.