Affiliation: Department of Physics, University of Calicut
Conference ID : ASI2022_150
Title : Evolution connection of Central Intensity Ratio with host galaxy properties of Seyfert Galaxies
Authors : Vinod K T and C D Ravikumar
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : We analyse the relation between the optical central intensity ratio (CIR) and the host galaxy properties of Seyfert galaxies. Following Aswathy & Ravikumar (2018), we applied aperture photometry to compute CIR using HST images of 57 Seyfert galaxies in the nearby Universe. We observed that the CIR of spiral and lenticular galaxies together show a good correlation with the mass of the supermassive black holes (SMBH) residing at their center. At the same time, CIR shows a similar correlation with the mass of the SMBH of elliptical galaxies but with a separate class. Moreover, we notice remarkable correlations between CIR and OIV emission and the circumnuclear star formation rate of Seyfert galaxies. These relations give valid information about the quenching of nuclear star formation in active galaxies through the AGN feedback mechanism. Also, CIR distinguishes spiral galaxies from elliptical galaxies. But, CIR is incapable of differentiating lenticular galaxies from spiral galaxies. Finally, yet importantly, CIR can be used as a novel photometric parameter to determine the SMBH mass of the nearby Seyfert galaxies.