Name: Saurabh Singh
Affiliation: Raman Research Institute
Conference ID : ASI2022_163
Title : On the detection of a cosmic dawn signal in the radio background
Authors : Saurabh Singh, Jishnu Nambissan T., Ravi Subrahmanyan, N. Udaya Shankar, B.S. Girish, A. Raghunathan, R. Somashekar, K.S. Srivani, Mayuri Sathyanarayana Rao
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : EDGES collaboration reported detection of an anomalous profile, which was interpreted to be 21-cm signature arising from cosmic dawn. Several non-standard theoretical models were proposed to explain its origins, including dark matter-baryon interactions and excess radio background. We deployed SARAS 3 radiometer on lakes in Southern India to examine this claim. In this talk, I will discuss the unique design and observing environment of SARAS 3. I will present the statistical methods used to test for presence of the reported signal. I will conclude with our inference about the non-detection of the reported profile in SARAS 3 data and discuss its implications.