Name: Satyam Agarwal
Affiliation: Udaipur Solar Observatory (Physical Research Laboratory)
Conference ID : ASI2022_185
Title : Extrapolation models and their effect on the magnetic reconnection
Authors : Author : Satyam Agarwal Co-Authors : Ramit Bhattacharyya Thomas Wiegelmann
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : Coronal magnetic field extrapolation models are necessary to explore the magnetic field line structures, undergoing reconnection during solar transient events. To understand the process of magnetic reconnection, numerical simulations use the extrapolated magnetic fields and velocity fields as initial conditions to solve the complete set of magnetohydrodynamic equations. The EULAG-MHD model is used with non force-free and force-free extrapolation models to perform simulations with different sets of initial conditions. The selected active region NOAA 11977 hosts a C6.6 class eruptive flare. Both extrapolations are in good agreement with observed line-of-sight and transverse magnetic fields. Morphological comparison suggests similarity in field line structuring on global scales while on smaller length scales, certain features are reproducible in both models, such as a magnetic null point and a hyperbolic flux tube, though the extent of agreement varies. Astoundingly, generation of a three dimensional null near the HFT is observed in all the simulations, thus suggesting the evolution to be nearly independent of initial configuration. Moreover, the magnetic field lines (MFLs) undergoing MRs at the null point and HFT evolve similarly, further confirming the near independence of reconnection details on chosen initial conditions. Consequently, both the extrapolation techniques are suitable for numerical simulations. Further, if comparable morphologies are obtained in both models, reonnection details are nearly similar.